Diploma presentation

    The Competency Exam

  The Board is a distinctive examining, qualifying, and recording body constituted by Dentists and for Dentists who have   chosen to participate in the 200 year-old Science of Homeopathy. The Board holds at least one annual examination a year, and acts as a repository for case histories presented by its candidates and diplomates.

 Requirements of the Candidate for the Board

 Be a graduate of a United States Dental College.

 Hold a valid license in one of the United States.

 Be a graduate of one of the following:

 National Center basic course for licensed professionals.

 Harris Coulter, et al courses.

 Gray - Vithoulkas - Crothers et al courses

 Have 10 chronic cases typewritten and submitted by June 1 of the year of the Board (3 copies)

Have 6 acute or first aid cases (each with a different remedy) typewritten and submitted by June 1 of the year of the Board (3 copies).

Be of high moral and ethical character, dedicated to the furtherance of classical Homeopathy in Dentistry.

Have 3 years of clinical application of classical homeopathy in dental practice.

A deposit of $450.00 (half of the cost of the $900.00 examination)is due by June 1st of the year of the examination.

Sit at an all day oral examination on the day prior to the Dental Seminar answering questions by the Examiners and explaining cases.

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The Board Examination is given once a year on the Thursday before the National Dental Seminar in Homeopathy at the same location as the course.  The cost for examination is $900.00. For more information contact:

The National Dental Seminar in Homeopathy
107 W 4th Street
Front Royal, VA  22630
Telephone: (540) 635-3610
Fax: (540) 635-3510